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EMR mandate has called for a big shift in the health care transcription procedure, and we've responded in a swift and positive way. Our EMR EHR system is intended to offer a smooth transcription procedure that saves our clients time and money while we deliver the exact same high quality reports in a way the customer finds it beneficial.


To deal with EMR/EHR systems and the changes, physicians should be trained on the software and its function, including updates on the limits of these functions. This is time-consuming for doctors and doctors shouldn't be wasting their time on data entry.


We help healthcare professionals to run a smooth clinic by setting up EMR/EHR integrated transcription service. With our flexible, efficient and simple to implement solutions, healthcare practitioners can continue to dictate in precisely the same way they've been doing it previously.  A technical solution isn't of any value if it doesn't offer unhindered customer service. We at Pilottech Transcription service take care of this part and lessen the cost further down.


When it comes to EMR/EHR integrated Transcription services, accuracy is one valued asset that cannot be compromised for any reason. Pilottech as a company has taken every step to ensure that the best quality is provided to our clientele.


Why Pilottech?


Getting accurate transcription services is a very important thing. For every savvy customer out there in the market looking for transcription services, accuracy is usually a top priority. In all the years that Pilottech has operated in the industry, it has come to really understand this fact. It does not hesitate to offer only the most accurate transcription to its customers but also has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that this is achieved.


  • It invests a lot of resources in acquiring all the latest transcription technology to be used in the service delivery to its customers
  • It only recruits the best available in the job market to ensure that its entire workforce is professional enough to deliver the best of services.
  • It has operated in the industry for many years each of which has been a learning step


Benefits of Pilottech


  • Customer comes first to the company thus you are guaranteed to get exceptional customer service.
  • Its high quality services are available at very affordable prices
  • Its established and solid reputation in the industry assures you of getting the best of services


Free Trial

Pilottech offers a free trial of its services to its new client which allows them to prove that these services will actually work for them, in the smoothest way possible.