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Conference Transcription Services

Conference transcription is a sensitive area of information conversion that requires high accuracy and focus on objectivity underlying such gatherings.The transcription could include board meeting transcription, sales meeting transcription, technical conference transcription, press conference transcription and group discussions. The message underlain in these conferences requires the right focus on time and emphasis.


Why Pilottech is best for you


Pilottech has focused on conference transcription and therefore holds massive experience on doing the task. Business groups, media and government institutions have turned to us with high success. To deliver higher value to you, the transcription is done in two modes; essence and literal to ensure that the results are of highest value to all clients. In addition, the database system is very secure and you will have all your information highly guarded and provided in the most confidential way.


Benefits when you outsource to Pilottech


When you outsource to Pilottech, your work is done using the latest technologies that guarantee the best results. Our staff are highly qualified and knowledgeable to handle all your tasks. To offer higher quality all transcribed work is proofread so you can put it to use immediately. The prices are affordable and the support is available on all platforms, phone and emails on a 24 hours basis.