Focus Group Transcription Services


Over the years, focus groups have become important forums for deliberating important decisions for businesses, educational institutions, news and media entities. Focus group transcription involves transcribing these focus group forum discussion into text formats that can be easily stored and searched for reference. The results are used as critical tools for mapping decisions and strategic focus for organizations. This transcription is usually highly professional and is only done by highly qualified and experienced staff. 


More about Pilottech


The success that you can achieve in any transcription services you seek is determined by the company you hire to do the tasks. Pilottech remains outstanding because of its wide experience and focus on clients. Focus group transcription is only conducted by specially qualified and trained staff that remains articulate and objective on your prescribed results. When you outsource with us, we pride in delivering value to win your loyalty. You can never go wrong with us.


Advantages of hiring Pilottech


When we set the price of our services, we ensure that they are highly competitive. The pricing is however secondary. The core focus of the company is the ultimate value that is delivered to you. By maintaining a highly professional staff that works on 24/7 days every week, you can be assured of getting your project at the right time. Try our free trial offer which enables you to evaluate our services in order to be assured of what we offer to you. This free non obligatory offer also gives us a chance to showcase our talents and professionalism to you. When you think of focus group transcription, think Pilottech.


Why go for Pilottech


  • Client is King at Pilottech.  Client's need comes first and everything will be done to ensure that the transcription work is satisfactorily done.
  • Focus Group Transcription will be handled by experts in the academic field whose expertise will allow them to deliver exactly what the client needs.
  • We strive to deliver within the shortest time possible to avoid last minute hassles.



To show you how serious we are about our work and our clients, Pilottech is willing to offer you a free trial to assure you that the services that we provide you with are nothing short of the best. Try us today and you can be sure that you will never regret this decision.