Lecture Transcription Services

Lecture transcription is the process of converting the oral presentation in a classroom into text. The material for transcription can be in the mode of audio, video, and other types of presentations. The purpose of transcribing is to serve as soft or hard document copies for students. They can use the transcriptions for future reviews. This is useful for them as it allows them to read the transcript attentively without requiring them to take short notes in the middle of a lecture that sure will be a distraction.


Though this may sound easy, only an expert can provide transcription with genuine quality. Pilottech is one such company that provides genuine quality. It is a company that serves a number of transcription services; a company that is an expert in the transcription field.



Pilottech Standards


Value for your money is what Pilottech is dedicated to do. The aim of the company is to be the benchmark of transcription services by attaining ever higher levels of accuracy and efficiency.


  • We have a wide array of transcription services to offer, hence regarded as important players in this field.
  • The staff are highly skilled and are dedicated to meet the complicated needs of every customer
  • We are continuously updating our processes and tools so that our product will be at or above par with the demands of the industry standards.
  • We are ready to serve anytime of the week, understanding not only the vast needs but urgency of some requests


Why Hire Pilottech


  • Staff providing lecture transcription come from the academic field who understand the particular needs of lecture transcription.
  • You will not only be offered lower rates but you are guaranteed to get the value of your paid money.
  • The commitment to finish a transcription project is unquestionable.
  • We will be ready with our support at any time you need it. Our availability is round the clock and you can have updates of your project anytime you want.


Guarantee of Pilottech services


Quality and accuracy is what we guarantee to every client. You can actually test our caliber by availing of our free trial of any transcription package.