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HIPAA Compliant IME Transcription Service

As a doctor, it is very important that you be able to provide your clients with IME reports that are HIPAA Compliant. 

HIPAA compliant reports have to maintain a high level of accuracy and credibility among all the other standards provided by HIPAA.  To guarantee that you get HIPAA Compliant IME reports it would be good for you to get yourself effective transcription services.  Pilottech has the ability to provide you with extremely effective HIPAA Compliant IME transcription services.


Why Choose Pilottech

Pilottech has for a large number of years been servicing many customers with effective transcription services.  The following reasons are your guarantee that we are your best pick.


  • We have been in the business for long and we have a long list of satisfied customers.
  • We regularly update our technology to ensure that we are using the latest technology available.
  • We have a very strict recruitment system that makes sure that only the finest are hired to be part of the Pilottech staff team.



Advantages of Choosing Pilottech


  •     We provide you with high quality service within a very short time.
  •     We highly value our customers and put in every effort into ensuring that they are well taken care of.
  •     All our services are available at affordable prices.
  •     With us, you are sure to get quality, convenience and affordability.


The Free Trial


We have made available a free trial of our HIPAA Compliant IME Transcription Service.  You can use the free trial to get a taste of the kind of services you will be getting from us before you make the decision to enlist our service.