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pilottech transcription serviceWe at Pilottech Transcription Service focus on delivering accurate and economical outsourcing services to our clients spread across US, UK, Canada and Australia. To achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, the company has adopted a policy of only hiring highly qualified staff and maintaining them at all times. At Pilottech we serve with integrity and dedication to satisfy all our customers. Our mission at Pilottech - "ensuring customer satisfaction first with profit following a distant second" - has enabled us to gain a special place in the industry.

Transcription Services at Pilottech

The company specializes in offering high quality transcription services in different arenas. Transcription services include General transcription, Medical transcriptions, Legal transcriptions, Media transcription, Church transcription, dissertation transcriptions, podcast transcriptions, video transcriptions, YouTube transcription, and captioning services among others. In every area, the company ensures that highly motivated, qualified and experienced professionals handle the projects.


Pilottech at a glance.


The company’s long experience in transcription services has led to its adoption of high technology and use of quality controls that guarantees the best to its clients. You can never go wrong with Pilottech Transcription Service.

Why outsource to Pilottech


  • Your project will be handled by highly qualified staff to guarantee you the best results.
  • Modern technology has been adopted to increase the level of efficiency, accuracy and timely delivery of services.
  • Highly responsive 24/7 customer support.
  • You are assured of great precision because the company has put in place a multiple proofreading model to ensure the quality of the transcripts of your audios and videos.


Benefits of outsourcing to Pilottech


  • Without compromising on the quality of the product, Pilottech offers the most competitive rates for transcriptions.
  • The project is completed in record time because it is handled by specialists who are highly experienced.
  • Your transcriptions are delivered at very high levels of accuracy. You are assured of getting over 99% accuracy levels on the information to be captured.


The free trial

To get the assurance of the above services, you may opt to try before ordering our service. You can order for a free trial to check the effectiveness, accuracy and all other aspects of Pilottech services.

The design, focus and drive of Pilottech is to deliver the highest value for your money. Why look elsewhere? At Pilottech, we offer expertise and guarantee for your goals. Pilottech means quality for you, reach us now and place your order. pilottech transcription service


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