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The EMR/ EHR integrated Medical Transcription service is a great way to get your medical transcription needs handled quickly and efficiently. This is an exciting time for the medical transcription industry. With the rise of EMR and EHR systems, many transcription companies are now offering integrated medical transcription services. This means they transcribe and integrate the medical reports into specified columns within the EHR or EMR system.


There are many benefits to outsourcing EMR/EHR transcription service. First, it saves time. You no longer have to export or import files between the transcription software and the EHR/EMR system. Second, it increases accuracy. With the integrated system, there is less chance for human error. Third, it is more efficient.


Choosing Pilottech to Outsource EMR/EHR transcription service


  •   Ensures a high quality, error-free output, only the most qualified staff are assigned to the task you have requested.
  •   Provides well-structured letters that follow the client's instructions and into EMR/EHR transcription service
  •   We are committed to quality and will do everything possible to deliver it.
  •   Pilottech fosters a positive work environment that allows employees to be productive and meet deadlines. 


Apart from helping you keep track of your patient's health; good documentation helps your medical practice to promote quality care and safety. Outsource EMR/EHR transcription service to have a complete and accurate medical record and makes sure that your patients receive the right care at the right time.


Pilottech can help you meet your requirements


  •   Customers are more important than profit to the organization
  •   We offer competitive rates for our clients
  •   The best secretarial staff will handle all the work required by doctors. They can deliver everything you need.
  •   We have always strived to provide great customer service.


Outsource EMR/EHR transcription service to Pilottech the service is easy to use and affordable. You can get started with the service by signing up for a free trial.